Blurred vision

I’m sitting here watching the screen blur before my eyes.  That would probably be because I was up at 5am, at my desk by 5.20am, no coffee all day (because cafes aren’t open at 5.15am and I had no time to stop!!!), left my desk by 6.20pm, home (via the drive through #motheroftheyear) by 6.45pm, hung out with Miss B until 9.15pm (couldn’t face the bedtime drama) and have just churned out an hours worth of emails and last minute you do this and you do thats before I officially go on annual leave tomorrow.

So that means Thursday is packing-the-camper-trailer day and I am so looking forward to the moment when I can just sit, with a wine in hand and relax!

Happy hump day!

Are you coping with the week so far?  Any plans coming up for those privileged to live in Victoria and have a public holiday next Tuesday (unofficial Melbourne Cup long weekend!)?


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