Let the relaxing begin

It took us 10 hours but we made it!! We moseyed our way to Yarrawonga, stopping for a long lunch and to pick strawberries from The Big Strawberry at Koonoomoo. 

 We arrived at around 5ish (much to the worry of our camping buddies), and then spent a few hours to set up. 

And finally after the kids were fed, baths were had and bedtime was conquered we were able to sit. Sit and talk on some of the awesome of topics we’ve had yet (there may have been some excitement, chest beating and celebration that one of the couples who have just had a baby 11 weeks ago finally did the deed post bubba – well, by the bloke anyways!). 

The rest? Well, the rest is totally not suitable for publication!! TGIF!!!

How are you kicking off your Friday night? Ever catch up with a group of friends and the conversation steers into way-too-much-information territory?



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