I feel good

You know what?  I think this meditation thing is working.  I’ve just come from a 20 minute session and just emerged from the shower and for the first time in a very very long time I’m feeling really good.

And I had to have a chuckle because I immediately thought of this post that I wrote back in January when I first started this blogging caper.  It was about mindfulness and how I wanted to explore this concept a bit further, but as most would relate, life simply got in the way and it just hasn’t been a priority.  But tonight, in the shower, it dawned on me that my path to mindfulness found me! It came back to me.

Through the turmoil and stress (and as a very stress tolerant and extremely resilient person, it has been very very stressful) of work, a workplace training program has led me back to the concept of mindfulness.  And despite my years of resistance (it’s taken four years for people to convince me to do this training – due mainly to the meditation component), I’m actually embracing it and I feel good for it!

So, I shall leave you with this:

Do you meditate? Have you ever found yourself interested and fascinated by something only to realise you don’t have the time to invest in learning more and it somehow comes back to you anyway? Or is that just me?!


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