Starting the week right

Miss B in bed without complete meltdown drama - check Dinner made for tomorrow night so all I have to do is reheat - sure is Clothes in bathroom ready for morning - yes ma'am Meditation both AM and PM - completed Christmas lists started - yup 500 words contributed to current manuscript - that would be affirmative …

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Making time

Today was the last day of our success without stress program, the workplace training that I've been undertaking these past two months. Dressed in trackies we arrived at our room and began the session by saluting the sun with some yoga (creating flashbacks of a time about 15 years ago when I went to an advanced yoga class by …

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Tin foil hats (or my journey towards mindfulness)

I recall having a lightbulb moment when sitting in my Buyer Behaviour 101 class back in my undergraduate uni days. My marketing lecturer began talking about the coincidences that occur during the decision making phase before a customer makes a purchase.  After listening to her explain, I remember thinking - OMG, this happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.  Here …

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