Restoring the energy

Today I learnt how to meditate.  I’ve mentioned that I’ve been doing this success without stress program and as it so happens, a part of this program is meditation.  I have been avoiding this training for four years as the thought of meditation doesn’t inspire me at all.  Having tried once in the past, I find that I can’t still my mind and I tend to have 101 thoughts rolling through my head on purpose.

But, given all the change that has been occurring of late, I thought that I would give it a go and so today, I learnt how to meditate.  Apparently, this style of meditation is more of a rejuvenating/energising meditation and so if it can achieve that, then I’ll happily embrace it.

But the catch, in the short term at least, is that I now need to find 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening to meditate.  If I can do this, then I will be assured an energy boost which will last for hours.

So here goes.  I’m so tired today I hope I don’t fall asleep!

Do you practice the ancient art of meditation?  If not meditation, how do you restore your energy?



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