Where does the time go?

Today we went to the park which was fabulous given the awesome weather we’re having lately.  A couple of the mums from my mums group came along and the kids had a great time whilst we ate scones (that I’d whipped up before we walked to the park – I know, I know… just call me Martha).

Anyhoo, we got home around lunch time and so I sorted lunch out and attempted to get Miss B ready for a nap in addition to tidying up the house, doing some laundry etc.  I just sat down to start working on a post when Miss A awoke – they have a knack of tag teaming like that!  I was hoping to post my response to being nominated for an award today thanks to Sarah from Steps with Sarah but I didn’t get it finished so you’ll have to wait perched on the edges of your seat until tomorrow!

The hubby is now on his way home and has decided that we should all go to the Speedway (which as a kid who spend much of my childhood at the speedway whilst my dad competed, I am actually a little bit excited about).  However that means by the time we get home, my opportunity to post something is virtually nil.

So it’s another short one from me again I’m afraid.  Must get onto working out a more efficient plan for posting and writing and being organised… D’oh, there’s that bloody word again.

Happy friday night peeps, hope you have a great one.

Do you have plans for tonight? Ever been to the speedway before?


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