Groundhog day

  Yup, kinda sums up my day today!  Did we not do all of this yesterday???? Sick kids, swamped in work, trying to get on top of it all!!!  Arggghhh!!! Had grand plans for the blog this week! Turns out that idea was a case of go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect …

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The dreaded call

It's now been four weeks week since I returned to work from maternity leave and the thing that I've been dreading most has finally happened.  I knew it would, after all it's inevitable with small children, but I'd been hoping and wishing that it wouldn't. And today it did. Yep, I'm talking about the dreaded call from the childcare …

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Tonight’s post is bought to you by the letter Zzzzzzz

Sick kids are exhausting! And this mumma does not have a lot of patience when running on 3 hours sleep! On Saturday Miss A showed signs of the sniffles and a little cough which has now escalated to a very chesty, wheezy bout of bronchiolitis.  Unfortunately Miss B has woken up with the same. And …

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