The packing of all the stuff

I love a weekend away, but I’m not at all a fan of the rigmorale associated with going.  Today we’re off to celebrate the 50th birthday of one of my hubby’s cousins so I’m in the process of pulling together ALL THE STUFF required of carting an infant and a toddler on an out-of-town trip.

We’re all about to descend upon a little resort about 3 hours away from where we live and we have a family room booked (I’m pretty sure that means we have to pay $50 more than everyone else for the same room, but that’s another story).  That said, I did splurge and pay the extra $10 for the resort to set up a portacot so that I didn’t have to bring ours along for the ride. Yay, one less thing to worry about fitting into the car!

Now that Miss B is getting older, the amount of stuff we’ve had to pack is definitely lessening.  A few books is all she needs to keep herself occupied in the car, although we invested in a portable dvd player for our trip up to Umina Beach last year so we do have a back up plan if required.  But there’s no question that babies need more stuff.  I’m a pretty pared back kind of mumma – if I can come up with a hack to save me carting extra stuff I’m all over it, but babies who have just switched over to mixed feeding with the whole bottles and sterilisers and formula thing means I have to be a bit more organised and prepared.  Thankfully it’s just one night, so I have sterilised and prepared all the bottles before we go and given I’m not 100% committed to sterilising everything to within an inch of its life, I’m pretty sure we can wash the bottles and run boiling water through them and be ok. I mean seriously, if I can let a teething rusk fall on the floor and give it back to her, I’m pretty sure a freshly washed and rinsed bottle will be fine.

I’m actually really looking forward to catching up and having a few beers this weekend. Most family functions of late have required me to either abstain due to either a) pregnancy, b) breastfeeding or c) somehow being lumped with designated driver duties, so the fact that I can have a few drinks and mosey on back to my room is a plus.  And with built in babysitters on hand to help with the girls, I might actually even be able to enjoy a drink or two!

So I’d best get my butt into gear and finish sort out this packing caper. Unfortunately the hubby broke down yesterday so he now won’t be home until early afternoon so as soon as he’s here and showered we’ll be hitting the road.   See you on the flip side!

Any plans for a getaway this weekend? Do you pack light for short trips or do you tend to take the kitchen sink?


3 thoughts on “The packing of all the stuff

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