Lazy Sunday

The morning after a party is always pretty rough if you’ve had limited sleep and one too many beers.  Fortunately for me, I didn’t end up having too many drinks at the 50th birthday last night.  Not because I didn’t want one, but rather, because I’ve come to realise that trying to wrangle a toddler who no longer wants to stay seated at a table and a baby who was a bit miserable due to a head cold, isn’t really conducive to a couple of relaxing drinks. Or the chance to eat dinner, or even five minutes to pee in peace.

Notwithstanding my thwarted plans, we had a really great evening.  We arrived quite late in the end by the time the hubby got home, but had just enough time for Miss B to have a swim in the pool with her daddy before we had to start getting ready for dinner.


Despite our late arrival and the fact that we couldn’t enjoy the amenities for as long as we were hoping to (especially for $190 a night and incidentally, my cynical theory about the family room was correct, for a very similar ‘regular’ room, others only paid $155!!!), the great company made up for it!  When we ordered our meals, I took a risk and ordered the pork belly (despite knowing that 9 times out of 10, it never lives up to expectation.  Salmon is the same!), and it was fabulous.  But the highlight of the night was seeing Miss B dance with her Pop. So cute and such a fabulous memory made – just a shame we couldn’t get a decent pic in the low light!


We headed back to the rooms with two tired little girls at around 11.30pm and I spent an hour trying to get Miss A to sleep. All snuffly and having a hard time breathing through her nose meant she was a little clingy, so I ended up in bed with the girls whilst the hubby headed off for some more beers… And I was more than ok with that!!! Especially given it was 3am before he stumbled into bed and when he awoke all seedy and tired this morning I enjoyed pointing out the fact that he’s become an old man!

Then the next morning we headed off to have brunch a fabulous cafe called Spoons, which overlooks the Murray River – stunning location and fabulous food.  And before you knew it, it was time to come home.  Given the hubby’s late night antics and alcohol consumption, I was tasked with the drive home, which actually was awesome because with everyone asleep, I could plug in the iPod and sing along to a few old school tunes on the playlist (Funky Cold Medina anyone?).

And now here we are, doing as little as possible on our lazy Sunday afternoon! Between playing with animal cards, making sand castles, sliding down slides, looking at flowers and learning how to balance on the bike, it’s been quite a laid back kinda afternoon.


The closer it comes to my return to work date, the more I’m embracing life’s littlest joys.  Soaking up these Summer afternoons with the girls has been one of my favourite parts of maternity leave this time around.

So cheers to enjoying the little things…


Do you get to enjoy a lazy Sunday often? Ever order pork belly only to be sadly disappointed?


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