Two Sentences Tuesday #02

At a passing glance, the gnarled, stumpy branches and massacred bark of the majestic river Red Gum could have easily been mistaken for a lone pillar of deadwood; battered and ravaged by time and the natural elements. Silent in concentration as the words of the Elder reverberated in their ears, the participants gathered around the wide girth of …

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An abundance of energy

I want you to think about someone you know who is an extrovert.  How would you describe them? I'm guessing you've probably picked someone who is really outgoing, confident, loud and out there right? Whilst it's true that many (ok, probably most) extroverts are like this, did you know that being an extrovert or an introvert is less …

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My go-to place

So many thoughts swirling around the vacant space I call my brain these days.  That is, of course, when I'm not putting out spot fires and pushing against deadlines at work! As tends to happen when I have a spark of brilliance or realisation like the one I had yesterday, the little mouse in her wheel …

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So, I finished the day inspired and motivated having heard some thought provoking points of view. And with enthusiasm to write and wax lyrical about all I've learnt today, I returned home to find a sick household and within the hour, I too have crashed. Nasty fast moving bug.Let's hope it's only a 24 hour one. 

I am a writer… right?

I think it's becoming blatantly obvious that I've lost my way a little here since I returned to work. I'm pretty sure that the last two weeks worth of posts would attest to that.  So in amongst the banality of running a household, sneaking some time with my girls and the endless piles of work that just …

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Just another Mummy Blogger

Today as I was trawling through the many blogs that I follow, I came across an awesome post by Hugzilla (who can I say has one of the best voices out there - in my opinion!) busting the myths about Mummy Bloggers.  And I enjoyed it so much I wanted to respond to these myths myself (whilst giving full …

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The gap between intent and action

EEK! What started as an idea to talk about my colourful new blog title header and how it came to be, has now got the potential to become a PhD thesis!  So I'm going to make a concerted effort to rein in my thoughts on this one... if that is at all possible!  I had intended …

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