My go-to place

So many thoughts swirling around the vacant space I call my brain these days.  That is, of course, when I’m not putting out spot fires and pushing against deadlines at work!

As tends to happen when I have a spark of brilliance or realisation like the one I had yesterday, the little mouse in her wheel has started to run at a cracking pace and my thoughts have had to scurry along behind her.  Around and around and around she goes!  Interestingly, when I’m in this space, I always tend to seek out calm, rationality and inspiration in tried and true places and one particular go-to place of mine is Kelly Exeter’s blog, A life less frantic.  I’ve been following her blog for quite a while, and I’ll happily confess to being a bit of a fan-girl.  There is something about her way of thinking that I adore despite us being quite different in personality. Gah, I sound like a stalker…

Erm, so continuing on (in a completely non-stalkery manner of course), Kelly has been talking a lot about overwhelm recently and how to get on top of the things that drag you down in life.  Which is why this I thought I would call a time out for myself this week and take some time to collect my thoughts about where to from here.  After all, it’s one thing to call bullshit on my own behaviour, but another to to put myself on notice.  Because doing that implies that change is forthcoming doesn’t it?

So, what do I need to do to make that happen?  What do I need to put in place, sacrifice, fit in with existing routines?  What new commitments do I need to create or habits that I need to tweak to really see an impact?  Sure, I’ve already made some huge commitments so far, and whilst sometimes these can be challenging, they’ve been achievable.  The challenge has been in managing the time more than the actual task at hand.  So it’s time to ramp things up.

But I need to be realistic too.  I need to consider what’s going on with work and make sure I don’t do things that might be detrimental to the routine that’s working so well with the girls.  So stick with me whilst I try distill all these thoughts and try to make them mean something that can be turned into action.  And there is change afoot, I can assure you.  There must already be something going on up there in that grey matter of mine.  I have been on fire in the domestic goddess department this afternoon and even managed to fit in a 20min run on the treadmill tonight (ok, it was a 20min shuffle, whatevs!).

How do you regroup and move forward in the aftermath of a lightbulb moment? Do you have a go-to place that is full of good advice, calm thoughts or inspiration?



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