Tonight’s post is bought to you by the letter Zzzzzzz

Sick kids are exhausting! And this mumma does not have a lot of patience when running on 3 hours sleep! On Saturday Miss A showed signs of the sniffles and a little cough which has now escalated to a very chesty, wheezy bout of bronchiolitis.  Unfortunately Miss B has woken up with the same.

And of course, they seem to have a sixth sense about when to let me know when they are uncomfortable and distressed!  I think I had been laying horizontal all of 15 minutes last night when I went to bed (at 1.30am) before I could hear Miss A through the monitor struggling to breathe properly.  And so began the pattern that would continue for the rest of the night – me holding her upright so that she could sleep.  The poor bubba was so congested and her chest was rattling every time she lay down so I drifted in and out sleep propped up against the headboard of my bed.  Then at about 4.30am, Miss B was upset and coughing non-stop so off I trotted to grab her and throw her into bed with Miss A and I.

As a mum that has been lucky enough to have kids that are brilliant sleepers, existing on limited sleep these days hurts! Miss A has been sleeping through the night since she was 3 months old, so I’ve had 4 months of getting back into the habit of regular sleep! Less than 3 hours of sleep does not a happy mumma make!

I was hoping to get a nap in this afternoon when the girls slept, but by the time I tidied up from lunch, I knew Miss B would be up in less than an hour and it wouldn’t be worth the pain of a half-arsed nap.  Plus, the latest episode of Revenge was calling my name so I watched that instead. And Oh Em Gee! They just keep the twists and the turns coming there don’t they!! So needless to say, no sleep this afternoon.  So despite the shitty reason for such a lazy and unproductive day, the silver lining was that there were plenty of cuddles and snuggles on the couch where we blissed out for the afternoon once the girls awoke.

So that’s about as good as it gets tonight. I’m about to take a couple of panadol to try and kill off this headache and get a relatively early night – a rarity these days!!

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.32.44 pm

How do you function after only a few hours of sleep? Are you a fan of Revenge?


6 thoughts on “Tonight’s post is bought to you by the letter Zzzzzzz

  1. Revenge U say?
    Me too! I get so irritated with Emily that I can’t stand it most of the time hahaha!
    I’m way a day late n a dollar short with watching TV so I discovered Revenge a few months back on Netflix….

    The first 3 episodes so thru 2013 are what I’ve been watching; no live episodes…

    Up til 1am watching it as I couldn’t sleep…

    Last night Aiden died and it sucked and I was furious once again at Emily lmfao!

    So now I wait until Netflix releases the next old 2014 season to catch up lol don’t tell me!!! Does Victoria stay locked up in the boobie hatch???

    Does Conrad stay dead???

    No! Don’t tell me lol 😉


    1. Ha ha – yes I know what you mean – It’s a bit far fetched how clever Emily is I agree but kudos to the writers for figuring out a connecting story, even if it’s a bit outlandish!!
      So you’re up to the bit where Aiden has just died?? OMG, you have sooooo much more to come… I won’t give anything away but there are some huge story lines coming… Once they’re released you’ll be pulling all nighters to catch up! I’m trying to anticipate where they’re heading after the last ep… so many people are just so keen for revenge! lol!

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      1. Hahahhah! Yes! Another person I can talk with this show about ha! My poor Hubs eyes sorta glaze over in complete and utter confushion when he has asked me what I watched the night before so much so that he’s stopped asking lmfao!

        Now if we can get ol” Danny Boy to get shanked I’ll leave this earth a happy woman as he is on my last nerve; him and that idiot Frenchie woman…. Hahahha I’m so glad u mentioned this show lol


  2. Oh dear! Hope they get better quickly. Love how through the sleep deprived haze you can still find a positive. My 19 month old has never slept for more than 5 hours at a time so I know how you feel. Hope you catch up on the zzzzz’s!


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