Ski race weekend in Robinvale

Ok, so we were leaving Mildura, but really, we were still around having just headed down the road to Robinvale to camp by the river for the Robinvale Ski Race.  Corey's dad camps in a great spot every year and generally we head down to the river on Ski Race weekend. This year we had the …

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We found paradise in 1770

Why Captain Cook didn’t decide to drop anchor and stick around a bit I’ll never understand! We’ve spent 3 days at Seventeen Seventy and we love it. A stunning piece of the Queensland coast with the most gorgeous sunset over the ocean you’ll ever see – particularly on the East coast given the sun sets …

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A bright and shining future*

Conferences are exhausting! Not just because of how physically tiring they are, because that's only a part of it, it's also due to how mentally draining they tend to be as well.  We've had a huge day today at the RWA Conference with a fabulous few sessions with Angela Ackerman who provided us with tools to create larger …

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