A bright and shining future*

Conferences are exhausting! Not just because of how physically tiring they are, because that’s only a part of it, it’s also due to how mentally draining they tend to be as well.  We’ve had a huge day today at the RWA Conference with a fabulous few sessions with Angela Ackerman who provided us with tools to create larger than life characters and giving us insight into the renown concept of show, don’t tell.  After a quick outfit change with a few of my fellow conference newbies in my room (reminiscent of the Uni days where we all got together before a big night on the town to get dressed and put our make up on around the one mirror), we hit the cocktail party and shared a few wines.

It’s been such an amazing day!  But quite honestly though, as midnight nears, I can tell you that I’m definitely ready for bed.  It’s been a big day of learning and a fabulous day of meeting some amazing people.  People who get me and the process that we are all going though. I feel as though I’ve made some real connections with people that will be a part of my writing journey for years to come. It’s exciting to think that maybe in 5 years time we’ll be going to conferences and being the established published authors together. #Iwish #Ihope

I still haven’t had my fan girl moment with Rachael Johns yet but all in good time my dears, all in good time! But despite that, as I sit and reflect on the day that was, I am truly grateful for the experience in the learning and getting to know some pretty awesome chicks over the course of today with a few wines.  I walked away from today thinking I can really do this.  And that, in my humble opinion, makes for a very bright and shining future indeed!


Have you ever met with new people and just gelled with them straight away? How do you keep up the momentum after fabulous conferences?

*today’s post may have been written under the influence of some pretty fine house wine at the Park Hyatt. #justsayin


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