We found paradise in 1770

Why Captain Cook didn’t decide to drop anchor and stick around a bit I’ll never understand! We’ve spent 3 days at Seventeen Seventy and we love it. A stunning piece of the Queensland coast with the most gorgeous sunset over the ocean you’ll ever see – particularly on the East coast given the sun sets in the west!


After our two week break in Yeppoon, we packed up and left my sister and her fam and headed for Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy. We weren’t sure when and where we’d eventually stop, but thankfully we ended at the 1770 Camping Ground right on the beach.  We’ve been lucky enough to meet another family with a two and four year old as well and so the kids have been happily occupied, meaning the parents have been able to unwind a little too.  Every evening, we’ve watched the sun go down as the kids have played on the sand and in the water – it has been bliss!

We’ve spent our time here mainly at the beach, although today we hired a paddle board to take advantage of the flat ocean and stunning weather.


We even sussed out the real-estate here which surprisingly was quite affordable with 4 bedroom homes with ocean views for just over $400k… But don’t worry Mildura peeps, we have no plans to move here… for now! But be warned, Corey has put Agnes on his retirement list!

Tomorrow we plan to continue down south – not sure where we’ll stop yet but it’ll either be Bundaberg or Hervey Bay… we’re booked in for Fraser Island on Monday where we’ll spend 5 nights.

Have you ever been to Agnes Water/1770? What destination have you been to that you’d describe as paradise?



2 thoughts on “We found paradise in 1770

  1. Bree Harding

    If only I was visiting my family and I could’ve reunited with you guys haha!! My sister lives in Bundaberg and my parents live in Hervey Bay!! Bugger


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