Making time

Today was the last day of our success without stress program, the workplace training that I’ve been undertaking these past two months. Dressed in trackies we arrived at our room and began the session by saluting the sun with some yoga (creating flashbacks of a time about 15 years ago when I went to an advanced yoga class by mistake and they did three rounds of saluting the sun at breakneck speed leaving me hating yoga ever since!).  We then launched into 20 minutes of meditation before learning about our ayurvedic dosha types.

Of everything I’ve learned over the past few months, the TM meditation has been the most useful… when I actually do it.  I do find that it provides me with more energy and clarity of mind but my biggest challenge has been finding the 2 x 20minute blocks of time per day to actually do it. My day already starts before 6am and by the time I get the girls into bed, I find that any attempt at meditation past 8pm results in a medi-sleep not meditation.

So come Monday I’m going to experiment with a 5am start and attempting 20mins on the treadmill followed by 20 mins meditation.  Then, a quick shower and the day will begin.  Then in the afternoon, I’ll attempt a 20min session around 2.30-3pm and see how that goes!

I’ve realised that in order to achieve some of the goals I want to achieve before the end of this year, I need to make some sacrifices which means making time for my wellbeing too. Wish me luck!

Do you meditate regularly? How do you find/make the time to dedicate to meditation and why?


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