TGIT! Yes, Thursday! Not quite the same ring as TGIF but for me, it’s same same but different!  I work my full time hours over a  four day week so as far as I’m concerned it’s the weekend!  And it can’t come around quick enough.

The house is now quiet but for the hum of the ducted heating creating it’s final burst of warm air before I turn it down for the night.  And after the toddler meltdown I just witnessed, a bit of peace and quiet is welcomed!

It’s quite normal for me to be a little lax in our bedtime routine on a Thursday, mostly because it gives me a bit of a chance to catch up with the girls and (quite honestly) the later I put Miss B to bed, the better the chance I have of getting a sleep in (and by sleep in I mean not being woken up until 7am instead of 6am!).

So when we arrived home after the childcare pick up, we had some dinner, put Miss A to bed and started to relax.  I was happy for Miss B to play and watch cartoons, and even allowed her (although we now know in hindsight it was not the brightest idea),  to have some of the lollies she received in a lollie bag that she was given at childcare today.

Silly, rookie mistake.

By the time Armageddon had finished, I was convinced that demons had possessed my sweet little girl and replaced her with something out of the Exorcist.  The screaming… OMG, the screaming.  We don’t usually have screaming, throw herself on the floor kind of tantrums. Which makes me convinced it’s the sugar/colours/flavours in the lollies.  So out of character for her.  Thankfully it only lasted 15 mins and whilst I tried to calm her down gently at the start, she just wasn’t having a bar of it so I closed the door and let it play itself out.  By the end she was exhausted so I put her to bed after a big long cuddle and she fell promptly to sleep!

I’d love a glass of wine, but I actually think I want my bed more. Wine v Bed – what a decision.  Nope, bed wins out, so that’s where I’m headed.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday!

Do you condense your work hours into a shorter timeframe or work part-time? What rules do you relax when you hit ‘weekend mode’?



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