Breathing in the fresh Eyre

Sometimes, when you travel through places that are obviously pretty on the surface, you can completely understand why people stop to spend months exploring a place in depth. The Eyre Peninsula is one of those places. We didn't get the opportunity to explore the Eyre Peninsula as much as we liked to.  Even though we …

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Slowing down at Lincoln

And so I'm finally up to date! Three months of blog posts that were abandoned, because let's be honest... I couldn't be bothered.  After our extended stay in Mildura, I lost the momentum and just didn't get around to updating our travels.  I'd write notes on my phone and of course took heaps of pics …

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Westward bound

Finally, we're heading west! After a extended stay back home in Mildura and killing time in Melbourne whilst our van was in getting some things repaired, it is finally time to really start our trip and head west, to places that we've not been before! We left rainy Melbourne/Ocean Grove and made our way through …

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