Slowing down at Lincoln

And so I’m finally up to date! Three months of blog posts that were abandoned, because let’s be honest… I couldn’t be bothered.  After our extended stay in Mildura, I lost the momentum and just didn’t get around to updating our travels.  I’d write notes on my phone and of course took heaps of pics so instagram and Facebook were still being flooded with holiday snaps, but the words were not flowing.

Well, not on the blog anyway!  But, since we’ve had five minutes to stop and regroup, I’ve finally stopped procrastinating and sorted it all out! Yay me!

We have spent the past couple of days in the Lincoln National Park.  Where is that I hear you ask? Well, the voices in my head are questioning me anyway.  Lincoln National Park is just out of Port Lincoln which is situated in the Eyre Peninsula.  We are staying at a National Park Campground called Surfleet Cove and fully expected it to be brimming with other travellers, but there has hardly been anyone else, other than many kangaroo and emus!

Port Lincoln, as you may know, is home to Tony Santic, owner of champion race horse, Makybe Diva and as we were driving around town, we passed the statue dedicated to this iconic racing mare.


We headed out to the national park and Corey has been having a red hot crack at catching me some dinner.  So far we’ve had chicken parmis, meatballs and beef stew. Yep, that means he has had no luck with catching me any dinner so far (the one pictured below we had no idea what it was so it went back into the ocean).

There are so many emus around here too.  We’ve seen at least four different emu families with five or more chicks running around.  Today, one family walked straight past the caravan with about seven little chicks. Very cute!

The girls have been loving the beach and spending their time collecting treasures, making sandcastles and… doing yoga – Miss B is reminding me of the moves she learnt at childcare!

Tomorrow we aren’t planning on moving far, just around to the next bay to Coffin Bay. There, hopefully Corey might catch me a salmon or I can just go to the shops and buy some oysters!

Anyway, we’re loving getting back into the groove and despite some challenging days of late, with little girls who are transitioning back into the travelling lifestyle, it’s been nice to be nomads again!

Have you been to the Eyre Peninsula? Can you give Corey any hot tips on how to catch me a fish dinner?


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