Territory Day in Katherine

We arrived at Katherine to a barrage of signs and posters advertising fireworks for sale - one day only! We then realised that we’d hit Katherine just in time for Territory Day! Territory Day seriously boggles my mind as it’s the one day in the NT that people can legally buy fireworks and set them …

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New Years Eve is looming!

It's off to work we go! Yep, it's Monday again already!  The countdown to Christmas is on and I have a New Year's Eve celebration to coordinate.  This time of year is always manic for me.  I produce our local NYE community celebrations and with all the changes at work this past few months, this …

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Hi ho… it’s off to work I go

Today is Saturday.  The start of the two day cluster of days known as the weekend.  Sadly, when you work in events, a weekend is something that sometimes is compromised due to the obligations and responsibilities of your employment. And today was one of those days. After ticking off swimming lessons in the morning, it was …

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