Hi ho… it’s off to work I go

Today is Saturday.  The start of the two day cluster of days known as the weekend.  Sadly, when you work in events, a weekend is something that sometimes is compromised due to the obligations and responsibilities of your employment.

And today was one of those days.

After ticking off swimming lessons in the morning, it was time to head off to our community safety expo and movie night.  It was a stunningly perfect day with gorgeous weather and a great crew of people to be working with so it was actually a really great day.


We had emergency services who bought their big vehicles and undertook demonstrations for the public. Miss B loved this car crash extraction and also the fire trucks!


And when the sun set, it was time to tune into the Minions movie.



And when I got home just before midnight, I was tired, stiff and sore – I’m out of practice with this only being my second event since returning back from maternity leave.  But good practice for New Year’s Eve!

How did you spend your Saturday? Did you have stunning weather to enjoy too?



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