Dodging the curveballs

Do you ever find that you desperately wish for a calm and easy week and get pounded with the week from hell where the universe conspires against you?  Yup, that’s me this week!

It’s the last week of work for both Corey and I which makes it just under 3 weeks before we head off!! Time seems to have come around very quickly!!  Monday and Tuesday have now come and gone leaving three more working days to go. Only three more days??? Eek!

Corey is fortunate in that he is able to head into work, climb into his truck, work his long day, park up, finish and come home.  He has been working ridiculously hours doing a long and tiring job.  And he’s just as exhausted as I am, but at the end of the day, he can walk away knowing that he’s done everything he needs to do to hand it over to the next guy.

Not me… I’m madly scrambling to get all the knowledge out of my head and down into a format that will hopefully be useful to my team and the new person who will replace me!

I knew that this last week would be busy – there is so much going on and I wanted to make sure that everything is in order before I leave… but of course that’s when the curve balls start rolling in.  And roll in they are…

Bam! Miss B suddenly develops a raging fever and ear infection in the wee hours of Monday morning. Ka-Pow! I drove over a screw on my way to the doctor and got a puncture in my tyre.  Slam! The things I thought would take me a small amount of time are seemingly taking forever.  Boom! The dreaded call from child care comes, aforementioned fever is back and Miss B has to be picked up. Crunch! Handovers have had to be re-jigged and meetings scheduled on the kitchen table in the caravan just to get it all done in time. Sniff! Then I remember that I’m leaving and the melancholy sets in – sadly all the projects and things that I’ve been working on the past few years will come to fruition without my involvement and the industry I love will continue to develop without my contribution.

I know that there is only so much I can do and life at work will go on without me, but I just want to make sure that I leave things in the best possible way and all these extra challenges are testing the limits today!  Of course I know that things will only get better from here – after all, we’re about to head on the trip of a lifetime – but a clear run to finish the job the way I’d planned to would make all the difference in letting go and being able to move on to the next phase.


Does the universe throw challenges your way during those times when you really need calm and clarity the most?   How do you manage the conflicting emotions that arise as you close one chapter and transition into a new one?


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