Dreams in the making

Hi!!! Remember me? I used to write random stuff here quite frequently once upon a time!

One day soon I shall address all of that and why I’ve been AWOL, but today I felt compelled to write (thank god, it’s coming back!). I knew that it would eventually, but for a little while I wasn’t sure.  Sometimes you have to trust that the universe is just going to provide, don’t you?  I’ve subscribed to that philosophy my whole life.  When things have gone wrong and life has been challenging, I have simply put it out there and trusted that everything was going to be ok.  And the majority of the time, it has been.

The news is well and truly out now about our plans to head off on a trip around Australia. Well, to those around us it has… to those of you here, SURPRISE!

*makes big announcement*

Yup, you read that right.  We are about to embark on a 14 month trip around Australia!  14 months in a caravan with the hubby and two little ladies, taking in the best that our country has to offer!

That’s also 14 months to rejuvenate, reconnect, and recreate the life that we want to live.  A life that makes us happy and fulfilled and free.

It’s exciting, there is no question of that, but tonight I came to realise that it also requires a massive amount of trust.  Trust in ourselves, trust in each other, and trust that whatever happens between now and whenever we will will end up in the place that we’re meant to be, doing the thing that we’re supposed to be doing.

Pretty deep for a Thursday night yeah?

Tonight I headed off to a BBQ meet and greet down at Apex Park – a local caravan park – to meet with Adele, Wayne (and their girls) from Caravanning with Kids.  These guys are making their way through Mildura as they head up to the red centre.  I’d been following them on Facebook and Insta for a few months since we embarked on our research back in January and this evening we were able to meet in person.  In between dealing with tired and cranky kids (mine) and Adele and Wayne playing host with other guests, we got to have some really great conversation about a whole range of things and it confirmed for me that we’ve made the right decision.

Sometimes, there are moments in your life when you can just feel that you’re on the cusp of something.  Something that is good and positive.  I have no idea yet what it is yet but I feel ready for it and trust that things are going to be ok – in fact, better than ok! 180 reversal on my state of mind six months ago for sure!

And it’s nice to be feeling something positive again.  Well, that and the mild feeling of panic that’s looming due to the fact that I’ve got approximately a month left before we leave to get my shite together and be ready for it!

Cue mad panic… Here’s what our next month or so is looking like:

  • 32 more sleeps
  • 11 more days of work
  • 5 more weekends
  • 72 items still left to be done on my To Do list
  • 4 more items to sell
  • 560kg of weight we have available to put all of our worldly possessions into our car & van
  • 2 beloved bulldogs to transport to their temporary home with our awesome breeders
  • 10 people living in one house (and technically Corey’s dad’s old caravan)
  • 1,000,000 thoughts going through my brain at any given moment
  • 5.5 hours of sleep that I’m averaging at the moment

There’s a lot going on and a lot more to do. But tonight I realised that we’re on the cusp of dreams being realised – and that’s pretty damn exciting!

Oh, PS. Given I haven’t had my act together enough to do a big launch post, here’s a gratuitous picture of our new caravan!

cropped-13835456_10155097291896808_1161143840_o.jpgWhat dreams are you chasing at the moment?  Any exciting plans that have the potential to be a turning point in your life?



3 thoughts on “Dreams in the making

    1. Hi! It’s so exciting and now only 1 week to go!! I’ve just come back from a conference today and have a list two pages long to get through this week!! My girls at 2 & 4. I’ve just had a very quick look at your blog!!! Look forward to checking it out once I’ve caught up on some sleep!!

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