The highs and lows

It’s so nice to see the end of what has been a massive week! Emotional, exhausting and finally over, I’m looking forward to turning my mind towards our impending departure date and crossing off the items on my growing to do list over the next two weeks!

To recap (coz I’m too tired to elaborate):

A sick daughter to kick off what was a challenging week juggling working mum and motherhood…

A busy working week culminating in many farewells and a few tears…

An excited birthday girl who enjoyed three birthday cakes (including my attempt)…

And a sad goodbye to these two:

I am really going to miss these faces…

Tomorrow is the start of a brand new week… Let the excitement and anticipation begin.

Has your week been filled with challenges or has it been easy and calm? Any excitement or anticipation building for you in the coming weeks?


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