Dreams in the making

Hi!!! Remember me? I used to write random stuff here quite frequently once upon a time! One day soon I shall address all of that and why I've been AWOL, but today I felt compelled to write (thank god, it's coming back!). I knew that it would eventually, but for a little while I wasn't …

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‘Tis Monday once more

Seriously, where are these days going?  And why are they flying by so bloody quickly??? Another week is upon us and I'm still not feeling as though I've regrouped after facing the same feelings at the start of last week!  So that's the plan for this week - getting organised! On my hit list is the …

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Fail to plan, plan to fail

As you may have already noticed, unlike Winston Churchill, I’m not much of a planner nor have I ever been one for setting goals and so far, I've not had any major regrets.  But, whilst there is no question that I subscribe to the just wing it approach to life, I also concede that this year is different. …

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