Working in events has it's highs and it's lows! In previous events roles, I've been able to experience some pretty amazing highs.  From being involved in the Athen's Olympic torch relay and my absolute career highlight of organising the 50th Anniversary of the 1956 Olympic Games to coordinating the 2014 triple j One night Stand (whilst …

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It’s damn hot!

Welcome to Summer! It's no secret that where we live gets hot.  I'm talking regularly and consistently hot. As in 40+ degree days (that's usually between 100-112F), all strung together in succession. As a Queenslander, I love the heat.  I grew up in Central Queensland where the temperatures were similar but they were coupled with …

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Temperature’s rising

As a born and bred Queenslander I'm not adverse to the heat.  40 degree (104F) days, whist hot, are not unbearable for me.  Thankfully, living in Victoria, we have a different kind of heat.  Still plenty of 40 degree days but the air is dry and you're not having to swim in the humidity which …

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