Temperature’s rising

As a born and bred Queenslander I’m not adverse to the heat.  40 degree (104F) days, whist hot, are not unbearable for me.  Thankfully, living in Victoria, we have a different kind of heat.  Still plenty of 40 degree days but the air is dry and you’re not having to swim in the humidity which makes it a lot easier to deal with.

Yesterday was pretty warm, up in the high 30’s but today was an indication of what Summer will be like – 42.5 degrees (108F)! But it didn’t deter us from doing a few things before I had to head off to work.  Yes, work… on a Saturday… outside… in the middle of a 40+ degree day! Anyhoo…

After our Saturday morning swimming lesson, we headed over to our local Jayco dealer to have a look (or dream!).  The hubby having seen his cousin’s new caravan has a hankering for one too, so we went and had a little squiz.

We then went to my work’s social club family Christmas party at the House of Bounce where Miss B had an absolute ball bouncing on the trampolines and generally burning off energy – as evidenced by the blurry shot below:


After getting home, having lunch, putting the girls down for a nap and getting myself ready, I headed out to our local drag strip where we were manning an information tent in the pit area for the visitors who had come to town.

And even though it was hot, I love a bit of motorsport so it could have been worse!


Unfortunately, the heat kept the spectators away, but the racing was fierce and the club had it’s highest ever level of entrants – around 130 or so which was great.  The hubby bought the girls out and after I finished, I headed over to the spectator hill and enjoyed a nice balmy evening listening to the noise.

The girls loved it! Even with their ‘Ear Bungs’ on (thanks Miss B), they had a real sense of excitement and enthusiasm!


At around 10pm it was time to go home and get the little rev-heads home to bed!

What did you get up to this weekend? Do you handle the heat well?


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