No work Friday…

I’ve spoken before about how I’ve been lucky enough to negotiate a compressed work week, meaning I work my full time hours over four days of the week. This not only saves me a day on child care costs, but it also provides me with an extra day to spend with the girls and, in theory, catch up on life.

The past few Fridays though have been spent either catching up on work, or having to deal with work, which as far as I’m concerned is part and parcel in some respects – swings and roundabouts, especially with what we have on our plates at the moment.

But today I was lucky to get some one on one time with Miss A as Mrs Mone decided that she would treat Miss B to a trip to the cinema to watch Hotel Transylvania 2.  Her first time going to the movies and she loved it!

So Miss A and I headed out for coffee and cake and then when it was time for her nap, I came home and did a bit of baking with a heap of left over cherries.  And it was delicious!coconut

How was your Friday? Any exciting plans for the weekend?


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