It could have been worse

You know its been a night of good, solid sleep when you don’t have to wake in the middle of the night to trudge the several hundred metres to the amenities block!! But despite the decent sleep I woke up feeling like I’d slept with my head resting up against the wall. 

I realised mid trip that I’d left my pillow at home and so when we arrived at Yarrawonga we stopped to buy a new one. But what I didn’t realise was that I’d bought a high and firm one and as a result I have had one massive crick in my neck all day!!

We woke and pottered around a bit and soon saw that it was going to be a wet morning with the radar threatening up to 10mm.   

We got 6.6mm, enough to leak and create a lake under Miss B’s bed!!! A trip into the supermarket to buy a mop sorted that out (although it would have been nice if my hubby had told me he hadn’t been able to fix the issue that caused the leak BEFORE I put the girls to bed – hopefully the towels I stuffed around Miss B will be enough should the next bout of rain hit during the night!).

But back to the rest of our day. The afternoon saw some rare sun peak through so it was time to take advantage of it and get the kids to burn off some energy with the activity of choice a swim. Featuring a freezing pool so cold that you couldn’t pay me enough to get in, Miss B was braver than I and splashed herself silly.

A lazy afternoon and then bath, dinner and bed and before we knew it, the day is done. A few beers watching an awesome sunset before the rain arrived and another session of highly unsuitable material for publishing. 

So many laughs and I’d love to regale you with them all but quite frankly, writing whole blog posts via an iPhone in the loo is a massive pain in the arse. Tomorrow I’m aiming for a pictorial piece!

Are you away from home this weekend? Is the sun shining where you are?


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