Thankful Thursday – the Bachelorette edition

It’s been a long while since I pulled a Thankful Thursday out of the hat.  But tonight I am thankful.

Thankful that it’s finally the season finale of The Bachelorette and we got to see who wins (like officially, and not just because a media outlet spoiled the fun by posting up pictures a couple of hours before it went to air #knobclouds)

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.53.03 pm

Thankful for escapism TV filled with hunky men and a really lovely lady who I wanted to write off as a blonde bimbo numpty (having not gotten to know her as I refused to commit to The Bachelor Season 2 as I couldn’t take to Blake – #douchecanoe), but I actually really like her.

Thankful for technology which allows me to connect with other like-minded fangirls friends of mine from across the countryside through FB messaging and SMS.

Thankful for humour, that keep the laughs coming, the snorts frequent and the bonding ongoing, especially with camping coming up.

Thankful for all the new phrases that I have learnt along the Bachie Wood and now Bachie Queen journeys due to the wonder that is Rosie Waterland and her recaps of awesomeness (#mosttoorudeforpublishing)

Thankful for the stunning vistas of New Zealand and the hope that maybe one day I’ll get over there to see it for myself

Thankful for the stunning vistas and the hope that maybe one day the hubby will trade his keg in for a six pack like these:
PicMonkey Collage22Thankful for choice to engage in rogue parenting which means that Miss B gets an extended bedtime and I get some peace and quiet!

Thankful for extended bedtime because it meant a smooth transition into actual sleep.

Thankful for a day off tomorrow so I can at least attempt to get a sleep in and surf social media all day to see what Sam and Sasha are up to (not unlike I do to Tim and Anna – stalkery much?).

What do you feel thankful for today? Are you pleased with who Sam chose in the season finale of The Bachelorette?


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