Housebound for the weekend

It’s Bathurst weekend!  The weekend where we basically plonk ourselves in front of the TV and worship all things motorsport.  For those outside of Australia, Bathurst is an annual event car race that brings rev-heads from around the country together to watch V8 Supercars chase each other around a 6-oddkm track for 1000km (or 161 laps).

I grew up watching Bathurst (and just about every other type of motorsport) and even now, it brings back very fond memories of my childhood, and in particular of my dad.  And given the hubby is also a huge fan you’ll find us inside and housebound this weekend, enjoying a very slow and lazy couple of days ahead which I’m hoping will also give me the chance to sit at the kitchen table and get a few words down into my manuscript.


Are you a Bathurst fan?  What does your ideal lazy weekend look like?


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