The one where Osher threw the most EPIC shade

So, I touched on this a few weeks ago, and fessed up that I have a bit of a penchant for the latest season of  The Bachelor.  I was quite happy that Parmigiana (AKA Snezana, which is, by the way her actual real name) won, although I still feel Heather was robbed and I am working on processing my feelings of injustice and disappointment.

However, that may now be possible given the first ever Australian The Bachelorette has hit our fine shores with none other than the gorgeous Sam Frost who featured in Season 2 of The Bachelor as the winner. For the uninitiated, Sam was the last girl standing in Season 2 and the country hoped for another success story after Tim and Anna (#mostperfectestcoupleever) only to discover a short time later that Mr Bachelor himself CHANGED HIS MIND, picked another and broke poor Sam’s heart. Yes, he is unequivocally a massive dick but if you do want to know more, simply google Blake Garvey for the more detailed run down (or read about the epic smack down he received after being ‘Fired’ on Celebrity Apprentice last night #Karma).

Anyhoo, it’s late and I’m tired and I haven’t even got to the good bit yet which was the massive shade that host Osher Gunsberg threw at David, the latest beau not to receive a rose at tonight’s rose ceremony.  Look, if a picture can tell a thousand words, then a gif will explain it much better than I can:

I love me a good gif but this one is EPIC! I would nearly go as far as saying it is my most favourite TV moment of all time.

Let’s see it frozen and zoomed up to ridiculous proportions.  You know, because we can:



The whole reason as to why can best be summed up by Rosie Waterland with her Rosie Recaps* (one and two) – but basically, there was this one guy who was just a big douche canoe and he got his comeuppance in the end.

And now I am happy and all is right in the world! I can finally go to bed!

Oh, and for the record, some friends of mine and I have already placed our bets and have picked our top four with mine being Michael, Dave, Richie and Alex… I quite like Sasha too so let’s call him our roughie. After all, my outside dark horse from The Bachelor ended up winning it all!


Are you watching Australia’s first ever The Bachelorette? Or if you’re not in the land of Oz, do you watch the series in your Country?

* If you are easily offended or do not like crass language or swearing, I suggest steering clear of Rosie’s Recaps 😉


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