A hairy milestone

Today saw a momentous milestone unfold! And it wasn’t just the fact that it is Friday!  No, today Miss B had her first haircut.  Born with a headful of hair, Miss B has had some of the most adorable curls and beautiful thick hair.  But with some recent headlice infestations, it was just getting too much (for me as well as her) so it was time for the chop.

Hours old
Three weeks old
Today! Loooong pony tail
And all out
The first snip
A blow wave to finish
And voila! It’s done!

She was so calm and easy, although just a little bit shy but Nikki did a fabulous job considering some of the horror stories of kids going into meltdown over haircuts that she had experienced.  As for Miss B, well, she’s been loving herself sick with her new shorter do, proudly showing it off as I dropped her back to childcare for the afternoon.  And as I watched her go off to play, it really hit home to me that my little baby is now a real little girl!

Do you remember your kids’ first haircut? Did they sit calmly or go into meltdown mode?


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