Pick me up Thursday

It’s been a flat kind of day today.  Time has been and continues to pass by very slowly this week and to build upon the road-themed metaphors of late, we seem to have a traffic jam at the crossroads.  As much as I’m trying to not let it impact my everyday life, it’s hard not to let doubt creep in or interpret things that I hear that would ordinarily have no meaning into connected and related commentary with hidden contexts.

So usually, when I need a pick me up I do one of two things.  I either trawl the internet for something funny (my fave these days is lip sync battle videos) to make me smile or I drink wine.  Unfortunately the only wine I had at hand was hot (not to mention there is that whole get up and be at work by 7am thing) so funny thing on the internet it is.

And this was as good as it got:

Happy Thursday peeps! Oh shite, it’s only Wednesday isn’t it!???

Have you ever hit midweek and wondered if it was ever going to end? Or find that you’re actually a day ahead of yourself like me? (And yes, up until that last sentence I actually thought it was Thursday!!)




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