Friday wind-down

It’s always nice when you get a text message that says if the hubby isn’t home tonight, I’m coming over with a chick flick and some thai food!  Uh, ok… if you insist!

That was my sister in law at about 4pm this afternoon.  Her hubby is away tonight as well and we’ve not seen each for a while, even though she had the girls last week when I headed up to Sydney to accept an award.

So the kids have been fed and are now in bed.  Hopefully Miss B stays in there – it’s becoming increasingly quieter so I’m hopeful.

Which means soon there will be a glass of wine in my hand and some good food in my belly!  Sounds like a pretty awesome Friday night to me!

What are you doing this Friday night? Don’t you just love it when someone else takes control of all the decision making, even if it is just a meal and entertainment on a Friday night?



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