Winner winner chicken dinner

Due to the technical difficulties of yesterday I didn’t get the chance to tell you about my overnight trip to Sydney to attend a Communications Awards dinner tonight! We flew up just before lunch and managed to squeeze time in for a blow wave before we headed to the dinner.

Well, I’m now lying in the most comfy bed I’ve ever laid in and reflecting on the fact that WE. WON. AWARDS!!!

We won best communications for tourism/event category which we knew we had, hence the reason we came along, but what we didn’t expect was winning the overall National Award too! What a fabulous surprise!

So a few glasses (ok bottles) of wine later and I’m now looking forward to sleeping in this comfy bed and not being woken at 5am!!!

Do you ever go away for conferences or awards dinners? Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to a sleep in and a buffet breakfast the most?


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