I’m officially old

Yep, it’s official… it looks like I just can’t keep up with them young’uns anymore!

It is 6.35pm.  I have fed children, given baths, tidied kitchen, showered myself and am tucked up in bed.  Yes, in bed… at 6.35pm!

Late nights and mini hangovers just take too much out of me these days!

I am so tired I can’t even describe it.  I sat on the plane staring hypnotically at this:


My eyes were fluttering and desperately wanted to close, but my colleague and I tried to keep each other awake for the two hour flight home so that we wouldn’t ruin our sleep tonight!

Thankfully having spent the whole day being energetic for Nan, the girls went to bed super early too so my decision to give in to my nanna-ry fate was sealed.  Yes, I determined…I too will retire for the evening.

Sadly, I was due to go out with some girlfriends tonight, but because the hubby had got a late start home, he won’t be home until closer to midnight so with no babysitting options, I couldn’t go… but you know what, I’m ok with that.  I’m not sure I would have been great company anyway!

So good night sweet peeps, may your Friday be a spectacular start to the weekend!

Are you having an early night this evening? Have you noticed how the capacity to handle the late nights and a few cheeky wines has diminished greatly with age (and I suspect children!)?


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