I don’t do cold

I’m just putting it out there, you know, on public record, right here, right now to let you know that I don’t do cold! So if you hear about how cold it is where I live for pretty much all of winter this year… well, don’t say you weren’t forewarned!

I was born and bred in tropical Queensland, where winter equates to a chilly 14 degrees (57F) over the coldest part of the season.  If it was cold, we’d throw on a long-sleeved shirt, well not me, even then, I was one of the ones who took that to the extreme wearing jeans and a jumper (aka sweater) much to the ridicule of my friends.

Despite my nearly 15  years in Victoria, I have not adapted to ridiculously cold temperatures.  Not even 14 degrees!  I actually know now, having lived in Japan for a few months over their winter (and going to the snow with no waterproof clothing and a ‘jacket’ that was no thicker than a cardigan), that 14 degrees has got nothing on -04 degrees (24F)! However, after this morning’s 4 degrees I’m pretty sure you’re going to hear me bang on about how blasted cold it is this winter! I even had to pull out my blankie (yes I have one under my desk, and no, I’m not the only one that does!) at work today as I typed with icicle like fingers (we worked out at about 10am, after about half a dozen of us were chattering at our desks, that the air-conditioner was actually still on COOL!)

Plus, of course with a change in the weather comes sniffles and coughs. and that little feeling you get at the back of your throat that threatens to become something more, signalling it’s desire to become a full blown head cold.  So that gives me another reason to detest the cost and I’m pretty sure standing in the rain for three hours on Friday hasn’t helped! So I’ve been scoffing down the Vicks Vapodrops and the triple strength garlic and horseradish tablets big time and hopefully it doesn’t blow out into something more.

I’ve even pulled out the hot chocolate under the guise of nurturing my soul to improve my chances of not getting sick… I added orange tea cake too just in case.


So I apologise in advance. In fact, I’ll event put #shedoesntdocold in the title of any posts so that you’re aware before you even get started.  Because if what everyone is predicting, this colder than average winter that we’re about to embark upon is going to provide some interesting fodder for future posts!

Do you like the cold? Is it cold where you are?


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