Not another list

Is it just me or is every second blog post lately a list? You know…

– 7 things kids do that shit you
– 14 guaranteed exercises to create abs like Elle McPherson
– 10 best freezer meals that actually taste nice
– 5 ways to wear a scarf because you know, scarf wearing is a tough one to work out
– 28 reasons your husband hangs out with his mates at the pub instead of being at home

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a list as much as the next reader, but they seem to be very prevalent lately and it got me wondering why.  Turns out, it’s the thing to do if you want to build a blog.  There are literally hundreds of how-to blog effectively/blogging 101 pages out there with numerous articles espousing the benefits or opportunities for bloggers to maximise their posts by creating lists…

So I guess people have! They’re taking the opportunity and creating lists upon lists upon lists!

And for a minute I thought about going there… But not tonight… Because, quite frankly, I’m tired.  Maybe I can create a list of the 7 things that I can’t be bothered doing because I’m much happier being a sloth and watching TV.

Are you partial to reading a list? What topics are your favourite?


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