Tonight I feel tired

So much I want to write but certainly no space in my brain to give it space to grow tonight.  I’m knackered! A huge week of thinking and presentations and trying to keep the hamster running on the little wheel – both at work and at home.  I’m getting there, but geez I’m tired today!  For the first time since I’ve been back to work, I’m feeling pretty bone weary tired.  I’d say with the little cold that’s trying to brew, my immune system is struggling too!

I will get a bit of a reprieve tomorrow as Miss A has conjunctivitis AGAIN!! So no work for me, although I will drop in to pick up a few things and try and do some reading at home.  I might even clean the house! There’s a novel concept.  Perhaps some groceries and get a menu plan back under control.  The hubby won’t be home until Saturday which means he’ll miss Dawn Service and then swimming lessons – therefore kid wrangling will be a solo affair for the second weekend in a row…

So this evening I’ve done nothing productive at all! I’ve watched my favourite renovation show, baked an ANZAC biscuit cheesecake, left the kitchen looking like a bomb has hit it and am now lying in bed watching the latest episode of revenge wishing I had more energy or motivation to do deal with it.  But kind of giving myself permission to take the night off.


And OMG, the end of Revenge has just come on!!! OMFG… I had an inkling something like that was going to happen but not with the spectacular bang… can’t wait til next week!!!

And now, it’s time for bed! Goodnight!

Have you had a busy week this week? Are you a fan of Revenge?


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