A bad case of the CBFs

The dreaded lurgy has arrived in our house so both the girls and we have bummed around the house pretty much most of the day.  Miss A slept for four and a half hours during the day which is not normal for her at all so I knew she wasn’t 100%.  Miss B was just cranky and with a runny nose, she was just out of sorts in general. As for me, well my head feels like it’s full of cotton wool and I know that a full blown head cold is imminent, despite my garlic, horseradish and Vitamin C tablets!

We did some grocery shopping, just to get out of the house and then I cooked dinner early and got Miss B into bed by 6.30am which is very early for her, but given we’ve got a very early start in the morning I’m hoping that she’ll sleep through (and not jump into bed with me like she did last night at 1am).

And now I really can’t be bothered.  The kitchen looks like a bomb has hit and I know I should tidy it, but again, I CBF’d.  I think I might just curl up in bed and get an early night too – I have to set my alarm for 4.45am tomorrow morning – eek!

Does your house suffer badly when you have a case of the CBFs? Are getting up tomorrow morning to head off to Dawn Service too?



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