Rainy daze

So earlier today I thought I’d get myself a bit organised and had planned to write about my lazy rainy day.  I had even come up with the Rainy Daze title anticipating snoozy afternoons and lazy time on the couch – an afternoon spent in a daze of slothfulness if you will.

We started out with a (kind of) sleep in (thanks Miss B for waking at 5am and then hogging all of my bed for another few hours) before heading to a playdate at our local play centre.  We braved the pouring rain to race back to the car after we were done and managed to get drenched in the process before arriving home just before lunchtime. About five minutes after arriving home, shedding some wet clothes and putting Miss A down for a nap my in-laws arrived for a quick visit, much to Miss B’s delight.  They stayed for a cuppa and then left knowing I was heading out at 1.15pm to drop the girls off to a friend’s place for an hour so I could go and finish my budget (despite my day off!).

It was at this point my day began to go pear shaped.

In less than 24 hours we have had approximately 60mm of rain (nearly 3 inches in the old scale).  Now I understand that this isn’t a huge amount of rain, however, when we haven’t had decent rainfall months and months, this amount of rain has quite an impact… especially when it has no where to go.



And when there are three big community events on this weekend in venues that have flooded, it was inevitable that I was going to get a call about it given events is my thing.  After sussing out the flooded venues, I headed into work and began to gather a range of information so we could consider the available options for relocating some of the events.  Our main event venue which had two bookings was quickly ruled out.  The ducks that were actually paddling in the flooded area gave a pretty good indication of the state of play!




The other venue had some localised flooding, but hopefully this should subside come Sunday… so it was down to relocating just two events.



Three hours of standing in the rain and working through options saw us relocating one of the events, and the other making the decision to postpone until another time.  After communicating the outcome to management and other stakeholders, I got home around 6.30pm to find my children bathed, fed and ready for bed by the fabulous Mrs Mone.  I managed to get the girls to bed in record time (Miss B was exhausted after playing with Mrs Mone’s boys) and was just about to make myself a peanut butter sandwich for dinner when a girlfriend dropped off a curry instead.  Winning!

So despite my plans for a cruisey afternoon, dazed is how I certainly ended up by the end of the day.  I’m looking forward to a hot shower, a glass of wine and some mind numbing tv for a few hours!

Oh, and if you’re wondering… I didn’t even go near my budget!

What are your plans for this weekend? Is it raining where you are?


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