Wanted… my mojo back


Today I am feeling soooooo flat.  Surely one busy day hasn’t knocked me on my arse that quickly? If so, I have no hope of surviving my first week back at work!

As soon as I awoke I knew it wasn’t going to be a productive day! I got up at 6.30am-ish, grabbed Miss A who was also up and we went back to bed for a snuggle.  Miss B was having a sleep in so by the time I really actually got up, woke her, get everyone dressed and ready, we just made our target timeslot of 7.30am for childcare drop off (last week we were aiming for 8am, next week it will be 7am… it’s starting to get real now!).

I was supposed to meet some friends for a PT session at 8.30am but they stood me up!  Both have little bubbas so I figured they may have had a rough night (turns out they just forgot!).  So instead of going for a  walk on my own, I came home and went back to bed!! And promptly fell asleep – I must have needed it right?

Now I’m awake again and there is a million and one things I could be doing but I really can’t be bothered.  My brain is in hyperdrive today with all the things and thoughts and ideas and I’m exhausted just trying to think about it.  And that makes me shitty.  Especially about writing this post.  I’ve really fallen into the trap of documenting the mundane lately and that’s not what I wanted to do at all.  How on earth am I going to maintain it when I get back to work if I can’t even manage it whilst I’m still on leave.  Yep, I’ve definitely got my cranky pants on.

So I’m going to switch off for today and go and enjoy a lunch date with a friend and hopefully I come back energised and ready to tackle the rest of this week.

How do you deal with your lost mojo?  Any tips for boosting your energy? 


2 thoughts on “Wanted… my mojo back

  1. Lost mojo sucks ass.

    I feel you on this one woman and I will tell you why…

    Sometimes shot just happens and for reasons we cannot explain but if we try to fight the ever wise energy leading us in a different direction then ‘it’ only gets worse.

    Accept and embrace works beautifully an when you least expect it your mojo will return with a delicious vengeance and you’ll be strategizing how to keep up with it.

    Sometimes we all need a break an to remove ourself from the ‘must do’s’ and simple surrender to the “I want to’…. 😉


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