So much to do, so little time

How is it that I’ve been on maternity leave for eight months, and now that I’m about to return to work decide that things need to be done! Today is only Monday, but I’ve been running about like a blue-arsed fly (that, my non-Australian readers is a bit of Aussie slang) and have a raging headache to prove it.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided that it would be a good idea to look at locking in a better deal on our home loan given the low rates at the moment.  And of course, if we are going to do that, then it stands to reason that I make the process even harder by investigating putting in that pool that we’ve been talking about forever, right?

So last week, I made an appointment with five different banks plus our current bank and decided that I was going to be one of those people who could successfully play one institution off another and walk away with the deal of the century.  I’ve never been a good negotiator so this will be a challenge definitely in line with living fearlessly in 2015!  The plan is basically to speak to all five banks and then take all of the options to our current lender and see if they’ll play ball.  And I hope they do because I seriously do not want to move all of our accounts.  The thought of having to sort out all of our direct debits and redirect salaries and all of that just makes me cringe.  Call me a lazy cow or whatever you like, but that stuff just takes FOREVER.

So today I had appointments with two banks, PLUS one to review our life insurances, PLUS there was that little matter of sorting out panel repairs on our car, not to mention Mrs Mone’s car PLUS I’ve visited and subsequently had a visit from the pool man to see if the pool will even fit in our back yard! All in all, it’s been a bloody busy day and it’s only Monday!

Unfortunately for my energy levels, the next three days are looking strikingly similar to today’s calendar with more bank appointments, a Maternal Child Health appointment for Miss A, a personal training session, a few work-related appointments, a hair cut and a couple of lunch dates with friends thrown in for good measure.

But even as I type this I’m smiling.  It’s definitely a trait of mine to cram in as much as I can when there is a deadline looming so it doesn’t surprise me at all that I’ve decided that now is the time to do all of this.  Whilst I’d love nothing more than a cruisey run into my return to work date, I know that’s not my style, so hopefully at the end of the next two weeks, I will have sorted out everything we need and not burn myself out before my first day back.

Do you work better when there is a looming deadline? Are you taking advantage of our low interest rates at the moment?



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