Bliss, lamingtons and lamb (but not necessarily in that order)

There were quite a few sore heads around the place today and not just within our crew, but throughout the entire caravan park.  A late night was had by many across the park last night.  I think the balmy night spent in easy company made the drinks go down very very well! Thankfully though, despite a very nice bottle of red, our group of mummas were feeling no where near as sore and sorry for themselves as the dads!  And strangely none of us were particularly empathetic!  I guess there are some upsides at having to constantly keep an ear out for kids and your wits about you ‘just in case’ after all!

And thankfully for me that rationale ended up paying off because I think I only slept in 45min blocks last night. Between Miss A coughing and Miss B thrashing about and calling out in her sleep (thank you junk food) I had a shocking sleep! But nothing coffee could fix in the morning! Anyhoo…

Oh, did I tell you I made Lamingtons?  I made them on Friday in preparation for the weekend.  They didn’t quite turn out how I thought they would in my head, but they are definitely Lamingtons and that’s what counts.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 2.44.05 pm

If you’re not familiar with the Lamington, it’s also an iconic Aussie food.  Made of sponge cake, coated in chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut, it’s a treat that is often seen at parties, school fetes and market fundraising stalls.  This is how I had pictured it turning out in my head.


See how nice and square they are? Oh well, mine still tasted delicious!

The rest of today was a lot like yesterday with plenty of sitting around and chilling out. The boys went fishing in the morning and promised us a feed of fish for lunch but alas, they came back empty handed (we were not surprised but our expectations weren’t that high to begin with!). The bubbas (Miss A and her bf, Master L) lolled around enjoying the cool breeze and Miss B spent a lot of time drawing playing games on the grass.




And the mummas sat around with a glass or two of wine… well, just because we could. Such a cruisey day!


But the pièce de résistance was the awesome leg of lamb we had for dinner! Yummo!  As it is unAustralian not to eat lamb on Australia Day, we decided that we’d have ours a day early and it was magnificent! There is just something about a roast on the Weber!

Speaking of lamb, I realised I hadn’t seen the new lamb ad for Australia Day this year.  Each year, Meat and Livestock Australia launches a new ad in the lead up to Australia Day.  I’ve just youtubed it and it’s brilliant.  It probably won’t mean much to non-Aussies, but Aussies will get all the references and legends featured!

And now my fingers are sore from trying to type a post using such tiny little keys so it’s off for another nightcap before bed…

Are you a fan of a good lamb roast? What has been the best part of your weekend so far?


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