Over too soon

Well the long weekend is over… Everyone here is tired and ready for bed, well except Miss B of course.  We’ve already spent an hour and a half trying to get her to stay in bed… So I need a minute just to sit for a little bit before the post-camping clean up commences!

We have had such a fabulous weekend.  Last night the temperature dropped drastically, so we spent the evening sitting around under blankets and talking the kind of rubbish that inevitably occurs after a few drinks.  A couple of sore heads again this morning, but surprisingly, despite polishing off a fabulous bottle of red wine, I woke up feeling great!

The pack down after any camping trip is always long and tiring, and today was no different but with no check out time to rush us, we enjoyed our pancakes and bacon breakfast and pottered around packing up and getting things organised to come home. We had a really great site and the set up of our camper trailer and Mr & Mrs P’s tent was great.


But now I am tired and no long out of bed so in honour of the 26th of January, I’ve given you my top 26 highlights of our weekend!

1. Fabulous people
2. Gorgeous chubby bubbas
3. One very cheeky toddler
4. Sunny days and cloudless skies
5. Drooping willows swaying in the breeze
6. Red wine
7. Cold beer
8. Mrs P’s choc brownies
9. Random late night conversations
10. Our fabulous camper trailer
11. Making and eating Lamingtons
12. Good intentions to go for a walk that never eventuate… and not feeling guilty about that!
13. Reading trashy magazines
14. Amazing lamb roast on the Weber
15. Making memories
16. Picnics on the grass down by the lake
17. Running into people you know who are also enjoying a long weekend
18. Meeting neighbours
19. Antipasto platters in the evening
20. Modern conveniences (including a coffee machine for morning coffee)
21. Jukebox Saturday Night playing over the speakers in the toilet block
22. Fits of laughter over stupid private jokes
23. Firmer friendships forged
24. Live music put on by the caravan park to celebrate Australia Day
25. Adventures regaled by two intrepid fisherman (who did not catch us a fish for lunch!)
26. Knowing that we will get to celebrate what’s great about our stunning

We all had so much fun we’ve decided that we might look at doing it all again next year, although hopefully it’s not as cold next time!


Have you had a fabulous Australia Day? What are the highlights of your weekend!


2 thoughts on “Over too soon

  1. Sounds like you and the family had a great long weekend. The weather wasn’t on our side so we spent Australia day relaxing at home which oddly enough we don’t do that frequently.


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