Week one done!

Today is the last day of my first week as a ‘blogger’ – ha ha, I feel embarrassed calling myself that!  It’s been a week since hitting the publish button on that first post and cementing my commitment to live more fearlessly in 2015.

And you know what? So far, so good!

There have already been some cathartic moments, especially Memory Lane Monday, but that’s kinda the point.  I knew this space would only work if I dared to bare all and whilst I’m still quite a long way off baring all, I think I’ve made a pretty solid start!

I’ve enjoyed the few interactions that have occurred to date and whilst I always knew that there are some very wise people out there, I was chuffed that a couple of them took the time to share some of their wisdom with me!

I also happened upon a couple of new blogs this week that really resonated.  People out there are really stepping up and owning their own truth and doing so in a very deliberate and proactive manner, despite the fear.  And I think that is awesome!

But it did make me stop and wonder the if the notion of self discovery is a phase that all people go through at some point in their lives, it’s just that with the internet and the ease of setting up a blog these days that it’s more accessible and easier to spot.  Have we as a society become so disconnected that we crave something a little more deeper and more authentic with the world and end up here, starting our musings in relative anonymity? Like me.  I don’t know the answer – it’s just something I’ve pondered this week…

Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the journey so far.  One of my goals with this blog was to loosen my writing mindset a bit and I already feel the cloak of the ingrained corporate approach starting to shift this week.  And that’s a little bit exciting for me!

And also, I’m pretty chuffed that my New Year’s resolution to blog everyday is still intact!  It’s still early days of course but it’s been a fabulous beginning!


How has the first week of your new year been shaping up? Still on track with your resolutions?


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