Simple Sunday

Today was one of those Sundays that was quite productive but lazy at the same time… Miss B is still at her grandparents and the hubby was on the road and half way to QLD so I was able to enjoy an unprecedented lie in until 8am!

Because it’s still quite warm here, my day was spent indoors again, pottering about the house, tidying up, doing the floors and laundry (including conquering the dreaded clothes mountain – yay me!)… and of course spending some one-on-one time with this little lady…

smiley girl

Man, her smile is just so infectious!!!

Anyways, I was on such a cruisey run that I even made up a stack of baby food in the Thermie. My hubby would be proud… I spent the afternoon whizzing up veges in a $2000 appliance.  Money well spent, right?

baby food prep

And, before you know it, Sunday is over!

What did you get up today? Have you got a Thermomix? Do you completely under-utilise it too???


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