Computer says no

With a top of 43 degrees predicted for today, it was never going to be a day of productivity; at least for anything outdoors.  But with the hubby off to wash his truck, and Miss B at her grandparents house I thought it’d be a great opportunity to head to our fabulous farmers market and spend some time with my bubba girl… We got a relative early start but by 9am, the mercury was already topping 32 degrees so after grabbing a coffee, scoffing down a fabulous muesli breakfast and stocking up on some fruit and veg, it was time to get back under the aircon.

Chilling at the farmer's market  Museli2

Being stuck indoors gave me the perfect opportunity to try and get the mailbox on my mac configured properly for my blog email address.  It was working a few months ago but hadn’t been in use so somehow it stopped working.  A phone call to my domain register confirmed I had the right information so I had a crack at fixing it myself – READ: Played around with things I know nothing about and then watched it all turn to cactus!  My blog was no longer online and I couldn’t undo what I’d done.

So today has mostly been spent researching how to restore the default CName record in the domain manager for WordPress.


Yep, that’s pretty much how it went for a few hours.  I was going around and around in circles – venting my frustration on twitter in the hope that some good samaritan out there could help me out (sadly, the 8 people that are following me on twitter at the moment clearly had much better things to be doing than responding to my e-SOS).


I figured I couldn’t break things any more than I already had so I decided to ‘play’ around with it again.  Another couple hours later and I couldn’t even look at my screen anymore so my hubby came home and prepared me THIS:

Fish and chips

The BEST batter on flathead tails I think I’ve ever had!  Anyway, it was enough of a distraction to bring me back to a state of sanity and motivate me to continue on and ‘fix’ what I had stuffed up.  And, believe it or not, a few tweaks and random entries into the A, MX and CName records (are you keeping up here?) and voila! I actually fixed it!!  Still haven’t sorted out my email yet but baby steps people, baby steps.

So I’m going to leave it there for today, find myself a glass of wine and devour some homemade pate me thinks.  And hope that the rain that has just started here spreads across the state and into SA to give those affected by the fires some desperate relief!

Is it hot where you are? How have you been keeping cool? Are you a tech genius like me?


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