A week well spent in Darwin

Our original plans saw us heading to Kakadu from Katherine but due to school holidays, we had to book our accommodation in Darwin in advance, which meant the extra few days we’d taken here and there meant we had to rejig some timelines, which was no biggie, we just spent an extra day in Katherine …

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Home to Poontown

No matter how long you’ve lived away from your hometown, the minute you’re back in the vicinity it always seems like you’ve come home. I moved away from Yeppoon the minute I finished high school. A friend and I threw everything we had into a bunch of bags, caught the tilt train and moved to …

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Spring is in the air

Don't you just love spring! That moment as you walk out side and feel the warmth of the sun and the scent in the air is just one of the most energising feelings.  Especially where I live.  We live in a region where we get bitterly cold desert winters and scorching hot summers.  And as a born and bred Queenslander, …

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